4 Amazing Tips on How to Pair Wine With Your Favorite Dishes

4 Amazing Tips on How to Pair Wine With Your Favorite Dishes


Did you know that having a glass of red wine with dinner might actually improve your health? We already know drinking a glass of wind can help you relax, but now you have another good excuse to enjoy wine with your meal. 

Sometimes, though, it's hard to know how to pair wine with the right foods. Which kinds of wine are best with chicken, beef, or seafood? Read on to learn more! 

How to Pair Wine with Your Meal 

Learning to pair wines with food is like a science. Here are some helpful hints to help you remember what wine to order at your next dinner. 

1. Food and Wine as Partners 

What is the biggest thing food and wine have in common? They are both tasted and smelled. So, it's good to remember that food and wine should be partners when it comes to your tastebuds. 

If you have food that doesn't compliment your wine, or vice versa, then the meal could be ruined. You'll want to make sure your wine isn't lighter than your rich food, or the other way around. 

2. Texture and Taste 

Some wines can't stand up to certain types of food. For instance, you don't want to pair something salty and bitter with a sweet wine. It wouldn't taste right. 

If you order fatty food, pair it with acidic wine. These two will help each other instead of overpowering your tastebuds. Likewise, light wines go better with a salmon or other fish. You can also try pairing a sweeter wine with salty foods. 

3. Pairing with Red Meat

For those who love a piece of red meat, it can be difficult to figure out what to drink. But it's actually simple. Pair a dry, bitter wine rich in tannins with your steak or lamb. 

The reason this pairing works so well is that the tannins in the wine help reset the tastebuds. This makes each bite seem like the very first. 

4. Struggling with Cheese Pairings

Cheese pairings are some of the hardest to figure out. The reason is that there are so many different types of cheese. Some are bitter, others are soft, and the aging process can throw things off, too. 

White wine fresh out of the wine cooler goes well with most cheeses because of its sweet acidity. This combination is great for cheese because it cuts through the heaviness of it. It can be more of a challenge to find a red wine that pairs well with cheese. 

Rosé wines can also work as well as white. So this is often a good choice for those who aren't fans of white wine. 

Wine Coolers and Furniture 

Now that you know how to pair wine with food, have fun with it. It's the perfect excuse to have a dinner party. Impress your friends with your knowledge and wow their tastebuds with your creations. 

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