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5 Amazing Tips for Pairing Wine and Chocolate

Based on research, 40% of American adults drink wine while 34% drink other alcohol. According to experts, 56% of American women drink wine while 44% of males drink wine. Between generations, millennials drink more wine (2% more) than baby boomers.

From 2012 and 2013, the global consumption of chocolate amounted to 6.946 million tonnes. Experts estimate the consumption of chocolate to be 7.696 million tonnes from 2018 to 2019. By the end of 2019, the consumption rate will be more than 8 million tonnes.

Like wine, chocolate comes in a wide variety. You have the creamy white chocolate and the lively dark chocolate. When it comes to pairing wine and chocolate, it is a challenge. Not only are they complex but they offer intense flavors when paired well. If the pairing is wrong, the results will be disastrous.

What wine goes with chocolate? Based on research, white wines pair with white chocolate. Want to learn how to pair wine and chocolate?

Today, we offer 5 amazing tips for pairing wine and chocolate.

Tip #1 - Identify the Flavor Profile of the Wine

As said earlier,  white wines pair well with lighter chocolate such as milk or white chocolate. For red wines, they pair well with dark chocolate. For instance, you can pair white chocolate with a wine like Sauternes or Sauvignon Blanc.

If you choose the best, you will experience a wonderful balance of honey and baked orchard fruits. Sauvignon Blanc has a crisp finish. Pairing it with milk or white chocolate brings out silky tones.

Tip #2 - Watch out for Tannin Overload

When it comes to dark chocolate and red wine, you can always go classic. For instance, you can pair with a Barolo Chinato, PX Sherry or another high acid red wine. You can also choose to pair with Amarone Della Valpolicella. It has hints of dried figs and sweet fruits.

The problem with dark chocolate and full-bodied red wine is that it may lead to tannin overload. As such, the pairing will be bitter. To prevent this, think of the characteristics in the chocolate.

Tip #3 - Keep It Simple

Many people like experimenting with new tastes. As such, they tend to go overboard especially when pairing wine and chocolate. If you want to have the best experience, keep it simple.

For instance, start with white wine and light chocolate. If both the wine chocolate carry their own intensity, each will try to dominate the other. For the best pairing, start with sweet dessert wines or some bubbly with light chocolate.

Tip #4 - Avoid Dry Wine

What you ought to know is that some desserts pair well with wines that have more fruitiness. Others pair well with wines that have more acidity. When you pair dry red wine with dark chocolate, the end result will not be friendly to your palate. Leave dry red wine for other delicious dishes.

Tip #5 - Host a Wine and Chocolate Tasting Event

At some point we all get stuck but help is always available. If you find it difficult to pair wine and chocolate, turn your dilemma into a fun event. How? Have a chocolate and wine tasting event. Invite a bunch of friends over, and buy wine and chocolate. Now, let your friends choose their favorites.

Use information gathered at the event to create a dessert wine pairing chart.

Pairing Wine and Chocolate like a Pro

A general rule of thumb when pairing wine and chocolate is to select sweet wines and light chocolates. Failure to do so will result in your wine tasting flabby. This is not what you want especially if the occasion is dear to your heart. To be on the safe side, keep it simple.

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