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5 Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

You don’t have to be a sommelier to appreciate a fine glass of wine. If you and your friends have a passion for grapes, why not host a wine tasting party?

It could be a fun excuse to get together and learn about your favorite topic.

But, how exactly do you throw a wine tasting party? There’s a lot more than sipping and spitting wine that happens. You want to make this an enjoyable and informative evening.

Ready to plan the best wine tasting party you’ve ever been to? Keep reading for five key tips to help you plan.

1. Pick a Theme

There are so many fascinating ways to theme your party. You could go by region and only have Chilean, Californian, or Australian wines.

You could theme it by the type of wine served. If everyone you’re inviting loves chardonnay, sample an assortment of chardonnays.

Another fun theme is price comparison. Offer an expensive and a cheap version of each wine. Guests must guess which Shiraz is the better quality one.

2. Get the Right Supplies

Each guest needs the necessary supplies for this to be a proper wine tasting. First, they need a spit bucket. Make sure each person has their own.

Consider getting a wine tasting placemat. These act like guides providing more details on each type of wine served.

The glassware should all be identical. Make sure you also have side dishes, napkins, decanters, and a bottle opener.

3. Prepare the Menu

Traditional wine tastings don’t serve much food, just crackers. The point of serving food is to cleanse the palette.

But, this is a party. You want your guests to get a full experience.

Consider setting up an appetizer table of finger foods. The best foods to pair with wine are cheeses, fresh fruit, meats, and bread. You could also provide some gourmet crackers at each place setting for a palette cleanser.

4. Plan to Education Your Guests…

If your event was only about tasting wine, it might as well be a house party. The thing that makes this special is the education you guests receive on the wines.

You could hire a professional sommelier to host your party. Or, you could do some research and make notes on each wine you serve.

Before starting each round, explain a little about the wine to your guests. Ask for their input as you sample.

5. …And, Have Fun

It can’t all be classroom learning at a wine tasting party. You want your guests to have fun, too!

In the invitation, ask each guest to think of a story that relates to wine. It might be a bad first date or milestone experience.

As you serve each round, get a different guest to share their anecdote. It’s a fun way to bond and create interesting conversation. Soothing lounge music in the background helps, too.

Ready to Plan Your Wine Tasting Party?

You’re bound to have an amazing wine tasting party if you follow the tips above. The goal is to create a fun atmosphere for your guests where they learn a little about wine.

Plan and prepare everything in advance so you can enjoy the event, too.

Still not sure which wines to serve? It can be hard to know which wines make for a good tasting. Read this article to help you choose wines your guests will love.

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