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A Buying Guide to Have the Best Wine Furniture in Your House

You can’t deny it. Having a wine cabinet or rack in your home looks chic. Not only that. It is a luxurious symbol that elevates the value of your home. 

Problem is, shopping for the best wine furniture is a daunting task even if you are not a serious wine collector. What you ought to know is that wine bottle racks allow you to show off your collection of Italian and French wines.  

Looking for the best wine storage ideas?   

Keeping reading and learn from our wine furniture buying guide. 

Location and Design of the Wine Furniture

The first thing you need to consider is where you are planning to locate the wine furniture in your home. If you have a built-in wine cellar, you have the choice of a horizontal wine rack, floor standing wine rack, or wall mounted wine rack. 

Other options include hanging wine racks, tabletop wine rack, cart, and cabinet.  Before buying wine bottle racks, you have to figure out the location and design. Make sure you measure the location to ensure your design fits.

Bottle Capacity

When shopping for wine bottle racks, you will come across two terms:  

  • Bottle capacity  
  • Racked bottle capacity 

Learning the difference between the two terms will save you trouble in choosing the best wine furniture. Let’s start with bottle capacity. If you come across a wine rack that has 125 bottle openings but has a capacity of 150 bottles, it means 25 bottles will be stacked on top of each other.   

For the racked bottle capacity, the terms mean that the wine bottles will be resting on the racks. In such a case, it can inconvenience you. How? It will be difficult for you to reach certain bottles or read the label of the bottles. 

Bottle Size and Volume

The average wine bottle has a diameter of 3 inches. This is common for Cabernets and Merlots. For champagnes, pinots, and burgundies, they have a 3 ½ inch diameter. You may come across wine bottles that have a much larger diameter. 

Taking into account the bottle sizes will ensure you get to shop for the right wine rack. Another factor to consider is volume. When shopping for wine racks, consider your wine collection not only for now but five or 10 years from now. 

This is beneficial if you have a growing wine obsession. 

Wine Bottle Resting Position

It is important to be aware of the wine bottle resting position. A vast majority of wine racks allow wine bottles to sit in a horizontal position. In this position, the wine undergoes proper aging. 

Also, your collection gets protected and the wine remains in constant contact with the cork. By keeping the cork, the seal remains strong. You may come across decorative wine racks where the bottles are facing down. 

This is great for wine that you will be consuming in a day or week from now. For serious aging, we recommend wine racks that allow the bottles to sit in a horizontal position.   

Shopping for the Best Wine Furniture

When shopping for the best wine furniture, consider the following extra tips. First, take into account your budget. Don’t break the bank when buying wine racks. Start small and grow. 

Second, consider a wine cooler with UV glass doors. This helps to block UV rays that have a serious impact on the aging of the wine. Last, consider the warranty, price, and lifetime expert advice. 

For more information on wine bottle racks and wine storage ideas, contact Wine Coolers USA today!

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