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The Best Types of Wine to Buy and Drink for Special Occasions

A bottle of wine is a great gift for any occasion. Whether it's a special anniversary, or graduation, you can never go wrong with the best types of wine. In the world, there are over 10,000 wine grapes.

Which means, when you step in the store, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the choices. To narrow your wine selection, consider the occasion you are celebrating.

Want to know what is a good wine to drink? 

Keep reading and learn the best types of wine to buy and drink for that special occasion. 

For a Wedding

If you are gifting the wedding couple with a bottle of wine, we recommend that it be a special one. Simply put, a luxury wine that you rarely buy for yourself. For instance, you can choose a rare mature wine. 

An age-worthy red wine like Barolo from Italy or Bordeaux from France will do the trick. You also have the option of California Cabernets aged 10 or more years. The reason we recommend the wines above is because nothing beats the taste and aromas of a fine and age-worthy red wine. 

For a Special Anniversary

Planning on celebrating a special anniversary? Choosing a special bottle for such a monumental occasion is very important. One of the best selections that you can never go wrong with is older champagne. 

Mature champagne aged 10 years or more has haunting hazelnut flavors. Such a bottle also has delicate bubbles which make the occasion memorable. You can start with Armand de Brignac or the Billecart. 

When it comes to types of wine, you have the 2014 Jerome Prevost La Closerie, Giacomo Borgogno Barolo Riserva or Domaine de la Vieille Julienne. Don't forget to pair the best kind of wine with chocolate.

For a Birthday

Every year, the calendar reminds us that we have grown by another 365 days. For some of us, a quiet celebration with loved ones is ok. For others, popping corks in the club is the best way to celebrate another milestone.  

If you are planning to pop another cork this year, we recommend best types of wine from the year you were born. Tracking such a bottle might not be easy but it's worth it. You can start with high-end Rieslings or Bordeaux from France. 

If you are gifting a family member or friend on their birthday, this is a perfect gift. Don’t forget to accompany the bottle with a special note. 

For a Graduation

Graduation is another special occasion where age-worthy champagne or wine is well deserved. If you will be celebrating your graduation with dinner, here are a few wines to select from the sommelier’s list.  

  • 2013 Vietti Barolo Castiglione 
  • 2011 Musella Amarone della Valpolicella 
  • 2015 Lioco Saveria Pinot Noir 

Remember, it is always wise to pair your wine with the food.  

For instance, red Bordeaux goes well with red meat while Sauvignon blanc based wines pair well with grain-based dishes. 

Shopping the Best Types of Wine for the Right Occasion

There are a few more occasions where the best types of wine are a must. You have a house warming party, date night, and an afternoon picnic. Remember, to make the occasion memorable, always shop for quality age-worthy wines.  

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