Allavino FlexCount Series Side-by-Side Wine & Beverage Center - Dual Zone 3Z-VSWB24-2SS

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  • VERSATILE AND CONVENIENT unit that is perfect for anyone with a diverse beverage selection
  • BLACK CABINET, stainless steel framed glass french doors, curved and towel bar handles, and an all black interior with blue LED lighting
  • INDEPENDENTLY CONTROLLED temperature zones for storing wine and other select beverages at their optimal temperatures with an operating range between 41 and 64 F degrees
  • 6 WINE RACKS capable of storing and cooling up to 56 bottles of wine and 4 beverage racks capable of storing and cooling up to 154 standard 12 oz. cans at one time
  • FULLY FINISHED CABINET along with a front-venting construction making it suitable for both freestanding and built-in installations
  • Note: This is made up of two separate units placed side by side that both need to be plugged into an outlet


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  • Made From Food-Safe, Shatter-Resistant Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester (BPA-free/FDA-approved)
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  • Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Center
  • Black Cabinets with Stainless Steel Frame Glass Doors
  • Comes with both curved and towel bar handles to match your surrounding decor
  • All black interiors emulate the traditional wine cellar
  • Blue LED lighting beautifully illuminates the interior without the heat created by an incandescent bulb
  • Roller-glide shelves extend effortlessly, minimizing agitation to the wine
  • Internal fans circulate air for even cooling and faster cooldown
  • Upper Zone: The temperature setting can be adjusted between 41°F to 61°F
  • Lower Zone: The temperature setting can be adjusted between 45°F to 64°F
  • Note: The lower zone must be set at least 4° and no more than 12° higher than upper zone. It is normal for there to be a 3-5° variance between the top and bottom of a zone.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 90°F
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: The lowest temperature you want to store your wine at. The unit does not have a heater, so if the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the internal temperature will match the external temperature.
  • Side-by-Side Dimensions: 33.9"H w/hinge x 46.8"W x 23.6"D (26.35" w/handle)
  • Combined Weight: 238.1 lbs.
Please Note: The handles are not attached to the unit during shipping, and will need to be installed when the unit arrives.
    Height 33.9"
    Width 46.8"
    Depth 23.6"
    Unit Weight 238.1 lbs. (combined weight)
    Shipping Weight 319.00 lbs. (combined weight)
    Key Features
    Built-in Capable Yes
    Security Lock Yes
    Multiple / Dual Zone Yes
    Beverage Center Yes
    Cabinet Color / Material Black Metal
    ADA Compliant No
    Commercial Use Yes
    Outdoor Use No
    Energy Star Rated No
    Wine Bottle Count 56
    12-oz. Can Capacityt 154
    Adjustable Thermostat Yes
    Digital Yes
    Cooling System
    Type Compressor
    Defrost System Auto
    Front Ventilation Yes
    Type Glide-out
    Number of Shelves 10
    Material Metal
    Removable Yes
    Adjustable No
    Glide-Out (Roller Assemblies) Yes
    Color Black
    Compartments (Distinct Zones) 2
    Lighting Yes
    Type Glass
    Number of Doors 2
    Color / Material Stainless Steel Frame
    Door Handle Towel Bar AND Curved
    Field Reversible No
    Accepts Custom Panel No
    Tinted / UV Protective Yes
    Self-Closing No
    Electrical Requirements 115V/60Hz
    Running Amps 2.3 A


    The beverage storage zone has 3 shelves that can hold up to 42 standard 12 oz. cans each and a bottom shelf that can hold up to 28 standard 12 oz. cans for a total storage capacity of 154 standard 12 oz. cans. The top shelf can also store up to 42 standard beer bottles for a total capacity of 42 standard beer bottles and 112 standard 12 oz. cans.


    The wine storage zone has 5 shelves that can hold up to 9 bottles each and a bottom shelf that can hold 11 bottles for a maximum bottle capacity of 56 bottles. The maximum capacity is based on the standard Bordeaux size bottle.



    This is the standard 750 mL bottle, which most wine refrigerators are configured around as it is the most popular size on the market. It measures 11-1/2" tall with a 2-15/16" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 7-3/4" to 8-1/2". This wine refrigerator can easily store 9 of these bottles on each of the upper shelves and 11 more on the bottom shelves for a total of 112 bottles.


    This bottle is taller than the standard 750 mL bottle. It measures 12-1/16" tall with a 2-15/16" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 8" to 9". The taller shoulder and top would normally wreak havoc on your wine storage because the necks would touch, making the overall length of the bottles too tall for most shelves or pushing the outside bottles out, causing them to hit the sides of the wine refrigerator. Generally, you would have to remove a shelf to accommodate these bottles, but with the extra space available on these shelves, they fit just fine and do not affect the overall capacity.


    This bottle has the same diameter at the base, but the shoulder is wider, which would generally push it out of the grooves and make it rub on the shelf above. It measures 11-7/8" tall with a 2-15/16" diameter at the base and the shoulder tapers up from 7-1/2" to 8-1/4" with a 3-1/16" diameter. Due to the smart spacing on these shelves, these bottles fit with room to spare, preventing rubbing and allowing the maximum bottle capacity to stay the same.


    This bottle is wider and shorter than the standard 750 mL bottle. It measures 10-5/8" tall with a 3-1/4" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 5-1/2" to 8". Bottles this wide don't usually fit in wine refrigerators and if they do, they have issues with rubbing on the shelf above and scuffing your labels. This wine refrigerator has no issues with this type of bottle so once again, your maximum capacity will not be affected if you have them in your collection.


    Until now, you wouldn't dream of fitting a Pinot bottle in an undercounter built-in wine refrigerator without drastically reducing the overall capacity. It measures 11-5/8" tall with a whopping 3-1/2" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 5-1/2" to 8-1/4". On this model, only the bottom shelf is slightly affected. You can fit 6 bottles comfortably in the grooves by alternating the necks. So even if your ENTIRE COLLECTION was made up of Pinot bottles, your total capacity would only be reduced to 102 bottles!


    Champagne bottles are too big to fit on the upper shelves, but you can still store up to 6 on the bottom shelves. They measures 12-1/4" tall with a 3-3/4" diameter and the shoulder tapers up from 5-1/2" to 7-3/4". Most wine refrigerators this size would not be able to store any Champagne bottles without removing a shelf.


    Perhaps there are people out there that only drink one type of wine, all the time. Most wine connoisseurs with a diverse palate are going to have varying bottle sizes in their collection, so having the ability to store all those varying bottle sizes without having to reconfigure and reduce your storage makes this the wine refrigerator of choice.

    "Life's too short to drink bad wine!"

    Whether your guests prefer beer, wine, or soda, you can easily have a variety of beverage options available for any party with Allavino's new 3Z-VSWB24-2SS FlexCount Series Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Center! Made up of one wine cooler and one beverage cooler with opposite hinged doors, it provides plenty of refrigerated beverage storage for up to 56 wine bottles and 154 standard 12 oz. cans, or up to 56 wine bottles, 42 standard beer bottles, and 112 standard 12 oz. cans. Intelligently designed for maximum versatility, this beverage center is suitable for both built-in and freestanding use, and comes with both curved and towel bar handles to allow you to match it to your existing decor. It also features Allavino's revolutionary FlexCount shelving, which gives you the freedom to store more bottle types than any other wine fridge.


    Designed For The Ultimate Wine Storage Experience

    Store Beverage Cans, Standard Beer Bottles, and Wine Bottles

    The wine storage zone features 5 shelves that can store up to 9 bottles each and a bottom shelf that can store up to 11 bottles, allowing you to store up to 56 wine bottles. The beverage zone has 3 shelves that can store 42 standard 12 oz. cans each and a bottom zone that can store up to 28 standard 12 oz. cans for a total can capacity of 154 standard 12 oz. cans. The top shelf is also capable of storing up to 42 standard beer bottles, giving you the option to store 42 standard beer bottles and 112 standard 12 oz. cans.

    Digital Display and Controls

    Because wine, beer, and soda require different storage conditions, the 3Z-VSWB42-2SS has two distinct temperature zones that can each be independently monitored and controlled. Each zone has it's own digital display with intuitive push-button controls, making it easy to ensure that your beverages are being kept at their ideal temperatures.

    Blue LED Interior Lighting

    This beverage center features cool blue LED lighting that can be activated with the push of a button, elegantly illuminating your collection and providing an elegant yet functional conversation starter for your next party or get-together.

    Innovative New Shelf Design

    Allavino wine and beverage refrigerators are known for their durable construction and innovative features, and the FlexCount series is no exception! FlexCount shelving features a sturdy metal construction that resists sagging, as well as a unique thin design that provides more space between shelves to maximize your storage capacity.

    Store More Bottle Sizes

    The intelligent design of the shelves creates more space between each shelf, allowing you to store bottles with varying diameters without having to remove racks which would reduce your overall capacity. Click on the Features tab above to see how your specific collection can be stored on the FlexCount shelves.

    Shelves Extend Effortlessly

    Easily access every bottle and can in your collection on Allavino's state-of-the-art FlexCount shelves, which glide out smoothly on roller assemblies to quickly and effortlessly put every beverage in reach.

    Built-In Design

    Thanks to this wine and beverage center's versatile design, you can build it into your cabinetry for a seamless look or use it as a stylish freestanding addition to any room in your home. It comes with both curved and towel bar handles, allowing you to customize it to best fit the surrounding decor.

    **Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.