Summit Appliance 59 Bottle Dual Zone Built-In Wine (Red) Refrigerator

by Summit
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SUMMIT introduces fully integrated wine cellars for optimum storage and professional elegance.The VC60D is designed to store up to 59 bottles under the ideal conditions. The double pane tempered glass door ensures your collection is safely protected from UV light while offering a luxurious look with a seamless stainless steel frame. A professional handle adds a modern touch. The door swing is user reversible, offering more flexibility when positioning the unit.Inside, the VC60D features two distinct zones for storing reds and whites at the proper temperature. A digital thermostat offers easy temperature management, with an alarm that sounds when either interior temperature has drifted out of range. Five standard wooden shelves hold bottles in classic style, while the bottom shelf comes in a unique tilt design that lets you best display the labels for maximum effect. The recessed LED lighting provides an elegant view of the interior, with an optional setting of display or functional mode. Additional features include an open door alarm and optional Sabbath Mode setting. The VC60D is auto defrost, with fan-forced cooling that ensures the interior temperature is evenly distributed and a condensation collection system that helps to maintain the correct level of humidity inside. With a stunning look and versatile design, the VC60D adds a great touch to any room. This unit is designed for fully integrated installation (cutout dimensions: 33 1/2" H x 21 3/4" W x 22" D; see user manual for additional information about providing proper ventilation and spacing for this unit).

Dual zone design lets you store red and white wine in separate compartments under the appropriate temperature conditions
Double pane tempered glass door protects your collection from harmful light
Digital controls offer easy and intuitive temperature management
Seamless stainless steel trimmed glass door for true luxury
Recessed LED lighting provides an elegant display
Tilted wine rack stores bottles at an angle to best display labels
Designed for fully integrated installation


Dual zone designLower zone is ideal for storing red and blush wine between 55 and 72ºF, while the upper compartment is better suited for cooler blushes and whites at 41 to 55ºF

Digital thermostatElectronic controls ensure easy and intuitive temperature management, with a readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Dynamic compressor coolingEnsures evenly cooled interior for proper storage

Reversible doorUser-reversible door swing in double pane tempered glass for best protection from UV light

Slide-out wooden shelvesStore bottles safely in classic style

Tilted wine rackUnique design lets you stand bottles at an angle to display the label

Open door alarmSounds after door is left open for over a minute to best prevent accidents

Interior lightCan be set for showcase mode, remaining on until manually turned off, or functional model (turning on when the door is opened and off when it is closed)

Temperature alarmAlarm sounds off when unit's interior rises or falls out of the set range

Sabbath ModeOptional setting lets you disable the lighting and alarm for 96 hours

Built-in installationDesigned for fully integrated installation (cutout dimensions: 33 1/2" H x 21 3/4" W x 22" D; see user manual for additional information about providing proper ventilation and spacing for this unit))

Humidity improvementProper humidity levels are maintained inside due to a specially designed condensation collection system

100% CFC freeEnvironmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals