Whynter 13.8 cu.ft. Energy Star Digital Upright Deep Freezer – White UDF-138DW

by Whynter
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Perfect for your freezing and storage requirements, the Whynter UDF-138DW Digital Upright Deep Freezer gets you the additional storage space you need with the features you desire. Its efficient design and smart insulation makes this 13.8 cu.ft. deep freezer an ENERGY STAR® rated appliance to help you save on energy bills. A powerful fan-circulated cooling system allows precise airflow for efficient temperature distribution and the convenient frost-free design minimizes the need to manually defrost this upright freezer.
The Whynter UDF-138DW comes with sliding cabinets, freezer door rack shelves, and storage basket for versatility and flexibility to organize your favorite foods for quick, easy access and selection.
Quick Freeze and Consistent TemperatureEquipped with an adjustable digital temperature control, the Whynter UDF-138DW gives you better control over the desired interior temperature. The adjustable temperature control also helps set different temperatures to store different categories of food items. The Whynter UDF-138DW features a Quick-Freeze option which enables the unit to run continuously to help cool large quantities of warm product faster.
Open-Door Warning SystemTo reduce the risk of temperature loss, the freezer is equipped with an Open-Door alarm feature which sounds if the freezer door is left unopened for more than 1 minute.
Soft LED interior lightingThe unit is also equipped with interior LED lighting which automatically illuminates when door is open which makes it easier to organize and retrieve your freezer’s contents in low light conditions.
Temperature Memory FunctionIn the event of a power interruption (power surge, breaker switch, etc.), the Whynter UDF-138DW conveniently restarts at the previously set function mode and settings when power is restored.
● Capacity: 13.8 cu. ft.● Powerful Compressor Cooling System● Voltage power AC (115V/ 60Hz – 130W/ 2.0A)● “Quick Freeze” mode rapidly cools to -11°F(-24°C)● Adjustable temperature range: -8° to 7°F (-22° to -14°C)● Refrigerant: R134A● Noise Level: ≤45dB● LED temperature display● Insulated lid and walls● Four Sliding Cabinet Shelves● Five Removable Freezer Door Rack Shelves● One Slide-out Freezer Wire Basket● CSA Certified and Energy Star rated● External dimensions: 28” W x 30” D x 61” H● Package dimensions: 30” W x 32” D x 65” H● Net weight: 152 LB● Gross weight: 166 LB● UPC 850956003767
** This unit comes with one year warranty.