Whynter Portable 1.8 cu.ft. Tool Box Refrigerator with 2 Drawers and Lock - TBR-185SR

by Whynter
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The Whynter TBR-185SR is a portable 1.8 cu.ft. toolbox refrigerator is designed to be a subtle blend of your garage or workshop. This exceptional mini-refrigerator has a powder coated red full stainless steel exterior housing, heavy-duty metal drawers, secure locking door, durable rolling casters, interior lighting, and an auto defrost feature. A perfect addition to any work area setting and great frontage to keep your refrigerator and favorite beverages safely unnoticed.
Red Full Stainless Steel ExteriorUnique design blends in with most workshop or garage settings.
Powerful Compressor CoolingPrefect for keeping beverages or other food items cool.
2 Roller Guided Easy-Slide Metal DrawersFor storing a wide variety of tools and hardware.
Soft Interior Lighting and Lockable DoorProvides an attractive yet energy efficient look inside the refrigerator cabinet.
Multi-directional Casters with LockLets you easily transport or relocate your tool box refrigerator with ease and lock it for secure stationary use.