Wine Enthusiast Classic 185 Wine Cellar

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Digitally Controlled Inverter Cooling Technology
Comfortably Holds up to 185 Bottles
Single Zone Optimized for Red Wine Storage
Built-In or Free Standing Design
Blue LED Light, Security Lock
Dimensions: 72- 1/4" H X 26" W X 29- 1/4"D

Equipped with energy-efficient inverter compressor technology that reduces noise and minimizes temperature fluctuation, creating the most consistent temperature regulation.FeaturesSpacious cabinet is ideal for those whose collection include Bordeaux Bottles, California Reds and Pinot NoirsInverter compressor cooling technology offers best in class energy efficient and tight temperature tolerances for one of the quietest wine cellar systems available.Designed to comfortably hold up to 185 bottles for the ultimate wine storage experience!Inverter Compressor Cooling TechnologyInverter compressor cooling uses a variable speed motor, making for tighter temperature tolerances with less temperature swings than a regular compressor. A benefit of the inverter cooling technology is reduced noise levels, extremely low vibrations with the added benefit of significant energy savingsMore DetailsMaximum Storage Capacity - Shelving design comfortably accommodates every size bottle in your collection. Smart spacing between shelves ensures easy access and proper protection for your bottles and labelsQuiet Cooling - Because the inverter cooling technology does not cycle on and off like non-inverter compressors, the noise level is greatly reduced, you will hardly know its running.Built-in Versatility - Build this unit into your kitchen cabinetry, or stand it on the floor in your den, TV room, or office!Cool Blue LED Lighting - Brilliant blue glow safely illuminates your bottles showcasing your wine in style.Digital Climate Control - Intuitive digital thermostatic controls make it easy to set and keep your desired temperature to allow your wine to age undisturbedDimensions: 72- 1/4" H X 26" W X 29- 1/4"D